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Amhara Youth in YYC is a youth lead organization based in Calgary, Canada. We are young Amharas eager to help our people in this devastating time. We were able to raise $3000 through our monthly/yearly subscription plan on our website ( and profit through the products we have sold. We have donated the full $3000 into this GoFundMe in the name of our organization for our Amharas in Wollo who have endured the most unimaginable pain. and we hope you'll help us achieve our goal.

Millions of Amharas have been displaced, thousands wounded and hundreds of children orphaned. It is high time for us Ethiopians to stand together and look after one another. Let’s act collectively and contain our brothers and sisters’ suffering before it spreads to the rest of our country.
Your donations will go to great lengths to provide emergency food, medical supplies, and shelter.


Our displaced people from Wellega are sheltered in schools, community centers, shades, tents, etc. Residents of Dessie and the vicinity have welcomed them and are sharing what they have such as food and clothing. But as the number of arrivals increases the host community cannot provide the needs. Thus, additional supplies of food, clothing, etc. are required for the displaced people.

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