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A study of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Amhara ethnic group from 1991-2015

This is by far the most extensive study of the Amhara massacres happened between 1991-2015.

After the demise of the military government in Ethiopia in 1991, there was a great hope for democracy to take root in the country, instead, ethnic politics was introduced by the current Tigray's people Liberation Front (TPLF) government which tore the social fabric of ethnic relations in the country, created competition for resources and caused distrust amongst its more than 85 ethnic groups who have coexisted for centuries long. Furthermore, the country witnessed an ethnic cleansing and genocide committed by the government and it's allies mainly against the Amharas, the second populations ethnic group in Ethiopia . For more than 26 years the TPLF rebels targeted the Amharas as their main enemies, they spread animosity and hate against this ethnic group. Wrongly accusing them of being rulers, oppressors and exploiters. Not long ago, the world witnessed the horror of genocide in Rwanda and we were hopeful that it would never be repeated in the world let alone Africa. Yet once again, in Ethiopia under the current government, a hidden genocide was committed against innocent civilians because they were simply Amharas. The purpose of this study is to expose this horrendous genocide committed against Amharas, raise awareness within the global community and prompt appropriate action as a collective against the current Ethiopian government. The outcome of this study demonstrates that the ethnic cleansing and genocide against Amharas were operated in a covert and systematic fashion throughout Ethiopia.The government committed these atrocities in unimaginable brutality. These untold stories of Amhara genocide and cleansing are explicitly documented in this study. we urge the international community, NGOs, human right advocates and governments to act in the name of humanity to bring Ethiopian government officials who are responsible in planning and executing these serious human right violations to justice.


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