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Ethiopian government implicated in Amhara Genocide

The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) accuses the federal government in connection with the latest rounds of massacre of ethnic Amhara which happened in North Shoa and South.

Highlighting the systemic repression against ethnic Amhara, which it says is informed by narratives that nurture hate towards Amhara (Coded as Neftegna) the statement said "we have been hoping for a better tomorrow."

It accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Oromo branch of prosperity party of intensifying state-sponsored terror against Amhara people. Furthermore, it said that they are exploiting government structure and resources to the end.

The massacre that is underway against Amhara is one that was planned and coordinated. Top level government officials were publicly making speeches framing Amhara for attack. However, the statement did not name names, although it is too obvious.

Shimeles Abdidssa, head of what is now Oromia regional state, made a speech during Irrecha celebration in september 2019 in Addis Ababa saying "We have broken the spine of Neftegna". Neftegna ideology laden code word that refers to Amhara. Thousands of Ethnic Amhara have been massacred in different parts Oromo region of Ethiopia since then. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) said that it is compelled to believe that prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Led government has a role in terrorizing Amhara and Amhara genocide


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